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Memorial Day Prayer| Best Memorial Day Poems And Prayers

Memorial Day Prayer

The most valuable endowments are never free. They accompanied a cost. Our Memorial Day Prayer, for those who fought for the nation and are still worth fighting for today. Many brave men and faced difficult battles and given the gift of a freedom that we are enjoying today.

Through Memorial Day Poems and Prayers, we want to say that how much we are obliged for all those men and women in uniform, who had protected our nation in their best and sacrificed their entire life upon our country.  For all those, together, we say “Thank You.”

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So take a time to recollect all the memories on this Memorial Day 2018 and chorus a Memorial Prayer for the many who have been willing to pay a great price for our freedom.  We may follow the brave Memorial Day Prayers examples of those who have gone before us.

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Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial Day Prayer 2018

Best Memorial Day Prayers

Memorial Day Blessing Prayer:  On this Memorials day, realize the sacrifice made by our men to let us enjoy a free life.  Happy Memorial Day or Decoration Day is a reminder to us to fulfil our duties and responsibilities towards our country.

So share some Memorial Day Images, Memorial Day messages and Memorial Day status, Memorial Day Prayer Poem, Memorial Day Pics and make this day more unique. Go past common Memorial Day Sayings and search for something that.

such that you recollect your ex – armed force authorities as well as ensure that their forfeit does not go futile. Offer Remembrance Day on this day.

Memorial Day Soldiers Prayer

Memorial Day Poems For Families and friends Left At Home

O God, Protector of all people and nations,
protect my family and friends at home
from the violence and evil of others.
Keep them safe from the weapons of hate and destruction
and guard them against the deeds of evildoers.
Grant them your protection and care
in tranquillity and peace.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial Day Prayer For Officers In Command

God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Hear my prayer for these soldiers under my command.
Grant that I may bring the spirit of Christ
to all my efforts and orders
as I exercise my authority over those entrusted to my care.
Inform my judgment with your Holy Spirit
so that I may make decisions
in conformity with your law and for the common good.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial Day Poems Prayer For Fellow Combatants

Lord God,
Remember Christ your Son who is peace itself
and who has washed away our hatred with His blood.
Because you love all men and women,
look with mercy on all who are engaged in battle.
Banish the violence and evil within all combatants
so that one day, we may all deserve to be
called your sons and your daughters.

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial Day Prayers Poems

We remember the many brave men and women
who have given their lives
through the history of our country
to protect us from danger and harm.
We remember all those who sustained injury
in mind and/or body in the course of their service.
We salute all those who served in the military

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial day prayers 2018

Memorial Day Prayer Catholic for Troops

All-powerful and ever-living God,
When Abraham left his native land
And departed from his people
You kept him safe through all his journeys.
Protect these soldiers.
Be their constant companion and their strength in battle,
Their refuge in every adversity.
Guide them, O Lord that they may return home in safety.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

We ( obliged that we are become the part of this Memorial day 2018 by sharing the Memorial Day Prayer and feel this day whit more honor which can’t be describe in words. Thank you for reminding us that there’s incredible love and sacrifice displayed when one is willing to stand strong and fight for freedom.

We feel grateful, if you share our emotions regarding Memorial Day with us by commenting in our comment section… Thank you!!

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